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Welcome to Digital Exposed, the FMCG podcast that debates important global topics in today’s fast-paced paced omnichannel FMCG and CPG sectors. We dig deep in real conversations, debates and panel discussions with leading industry experts, insight leaders, brands and retailers from around the world. We cover all the important global FMCG topics and news, looking at the challenges faced, opportunities that can be taken and how to navigate business successfully in the ever-changing world of digital commerce.


Sara Farrell
Business Development
NIQ Brandbank

Sara joined NIQ Brandbank in 2016 as Global Head of Data, responsible for the management and governance of all the internal and external data teams and data quality output for all NIQ Brandbank clients across 50 different global markets. Now working in Sales Enablement as part of the Business Development team she works with new and existing FMCG businesses in all global markets to promote and deliver NIQ Brandbank’s intelligent premier digital omnichannel content solutions.

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Season One
Season One

Episode 1​

Do Shoppers have enough Opportunity to Shop?

In this episode, we investigate why today’s eCommerce shoppers often face a disappointing mismatch between the enhanced product information they want and need, versus the reality of what they get.

Episode 2

From Uncertainty to Opportunity

In this episode, we investigate what the 2022 shopper looks like after the pandemic. Cautious confidence has slowly returned, but uncertainty is still influencing mindsets and purchasing decisions.

Season Two
Season Two

Episode 1​

Has the cost of living killed the focus on sustainability?

With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to squeeze shoppers’ pockets and utility and business costs significantly increasing, is it financially possible for sustainability to continue to be a priority for both shoppers and brands? Digital Exposed is joined by a special panel of global FMCG industry experts to share their collective experience thoughts and perspectives on global sustainability, how the cost of living landscape is being impacted and how the industry can strategise to succeed.

Episode 2 (Coming Soon)

Mastering The Multichannel Minefield

Digital leaders from Carrefour Belgium, Spadel and NIQ Brandbank talk us through the rapid growth of eCommerce and omnichannel shopping and the evolution of product information over the past two decades within the FMCG industry. They also discuss what is driving the inevitability that brands and retailers will need to expand their digital capability’s to support all market needs and how best to streamline your Omnichannel content to power the product lifecycle.

Episode 3 (Coming Soon)

The Global Appetite for Greater Visibility

Consumers everywhere are now paying much more attention to the ingredients that we are consuming and the potential negative effects those ingredients have. Brands and retailers need to rethink how best to surface the ingredients in their products which is critical to ensure that people are consuming products that they know are are good for their health, prevents diseases, and do not trigger allergies.

In this episode we discuss The key factors which are determining the shift now for complete product visibility, why it is so important to your customers, the rise of apps and technology now playing a huge part in supporting and informing customers, the information gaps which are still there when shopping for grocery products. and what brands and retailers need to do next to address this.

Episode 4 (Coming Soon)

The Consumer Outlook 2023 And Beyond

The pace of change is rapid for brands and retailers today, they can’t react like they have in the past, and they need new models to drive innovation, change and growth.

Our guest panel of experts share insider information and discuss the details of changing the values and priorities of today’s FMCG shoppers and what is now most important when choosing a brand or product with influencing factors such as Covid, Ukraine, cost of living, extreme weather due to climate change and social unrest influencing their decisions.

We discuss the expanding definition of Health and Wellness and the technological advancements transforming health horizons, and how sustainability is now becoming much more personal to shoppers.

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