Market research powered by 100 years of consumer goods knowledge

NielsenIQ’s trusted market research services deliver the clear perspective, the breadth and depth of information, and the complete context your business needs to grow. Uncovering the truth of your market is critical for success, and we have the expertise and forward-looking vision to lead you to true market intelligence.

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Your guide in an ever-changing world

Our best-in-class data scientists and analysts simplify the complexity of market information, revealing powerful insights through clear, compelling stories. We capture the world as it is today, to allow you to look to the future and make decisions with confidence. With solutions powered by analytical expertise and rigorously tested, granular data, you’ll have the insights you need to drive your business forward.

What makes us different
What makes us different


Founded in 1923, built for today

Trends may change, but our commitment to data science and analysis remain true and trusted by manufacturers and retailers across the globe.


We deliver the complete truth

We prioritize data granularity and accuracy to power your brand management, consumer relationships, demand discovery, supply chain management, new service launches, and more.


Comprehensive solutions

Insights from our retail sales data and analytics, consumer behavior data, and new product concept testing solutions give you the background knowledge you need to succeed.

NielsenIQ services
NielsenIQ services
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Contact us

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