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What consumers expect from a metaverse experience


What consumers expect from a metaverse experience

The metaverse isn’t just for gamers anymore. Companies across industries have eyes on the space and have started to move on the opportunities it offers. A number of household brands have already made splashes in the metaverse—but what does the average consumer want from their metaverse experience?  

The metaverse through a consumer lens

There’s no shortage of chatter about the metaverse, but the NielsenIQ BASES Games team took a different approach to the conversation: the team set out to understand what consumers want and expect in a new metaverse experience by letting them co-create their ideal metaverse experience. 

They found that when it comes to the metaverse, consumers are looking for: 

The freedom to explore. When it comes to engaging with the metaverse, consumers want the flexibility and freedom of an open world experience across the board. 

The ability to travel virtually. Virtual exploration of “the outdoors” was a popular feature among consumers surveyed, especially for those who don’t have the means to travel.  

Access to education and self-betterment. Among consumers who express interest in virtual education classes, many also noted a specific desire for virtual exercise classes.  

Ability to browse, sell, and make purchases. Consumers also identified commerce as a key reason for potential engagement with the metaverse. We already know how important the product experience is to consumers in the physical world. As the metaverse develops, we will see new creative ways that the product experience will be brought directly to consumers before they make their purchase.  

Implications for the future

The metaverse is still new and often misunderstood by both companies and consumers. Like many new technologies, it requires significant time and investment to educate, build standards, and grow into the mainstream. It is also an exciting opportunity for companies that are willing to take the lead and shape the world of tomorrow, while creating a competitive edge over the competition.

Download the full report

Download the full BASES Games research report for more consumer opinions and expectations of consumer expectations and priorities in the metaverse.