Report: The Leading Edge


Report: The Leading Edge

As an authoritative voice in CPG and retail, NielsenIQ is fostering forward-focused conversation around what’s ahead. Our newest analysis of the leading edge explains and explores 18 popular transformative ideas where the industry is investing in, today. These ideas are slated to fuel the next phase of exponential growth within the retail and global consumer goods sector.

The Leading Edge of: CPG Innovation

Tech and health-minded products are becoming personalized and connected. Under this umbrella theme, science and innovation are blurring the traditional lines of what we eat and how we treat our core needs.

The Leading Edge of: CPG Technology

The leading edge of CPG technology is where tech is becoming interconnected with the human experience. Under this umbrella theme, companies are investing in a future tied to digital identity, communities, convenience, and ownership of digital goods, experiences and proof of provenance.

The Leading Edge of: Social + Sustainability

The leading edge of social and sustainability initiatives is where regenerative programs are becoming the norm. Moving beyond the vision of just maintenance and survival, under this umbrella theme, there is movement toward regeneration focused on authentic efforts of restoration and thriving growth.

The Leading Edge of: Retail Transformation

The leading edge of retail transformation is where retail is becoming digital, physical, and experiential—all at once. Under this umbrella theme, companies are hyper focused on curated journeys and looking to invest in areas that intentionally expand the potential and possibilities of cross-reality, multi-sensory retail far beyond what we know today.

What’s up next?

In this report, we assess the trajectory of many common “big bets” being made in CPG, including:

  • Lab-grown meats
  • Customized health products
  • NFTs
  • The Metaverse
  • Vertical farming
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Rapid delivery
  • Staffless stores and more

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