Analyzing 2022’s online buzz: How consumer conversations revealed powerful insights


Analyzing 2022’s online buzz: How consumer conversations revealed powerful insights

What are today’s consumers looking for when selecting hair and skincare products? NielsenIQ’s Social360 Syndicated report takes a deep dive to understand what influences consumers right from the time they go online to search to the time they walk the path-to-purchase for their favorite hair and skincare product. Get insights on how to connect with hair and skincare enthusiasts, know their preferences, share of voice, review, and recommendations to identify growth drivers, barriers, and areas for improvement through impactful social conversations. Find out what it takes to stand out and convert potential consumers to advocates of your brand/product.

What the report entails?

  • NielsenIQ, through Social 360 has been monitoring conversations on social media for various sectors and categories.
  • NielsenIQ currently offers a one-of-a-kind report on insights around haircare and skincare.
  • This syndicated report will help to understand Digital consumers and shed light on which campaigns and influencers did wonders for a brand compared to other competing brands.
  • Craft country and region-specific strategies that resonate with Gen Z and millennials to lead the chatter both from SOV and presence perspective
  • Find out which brands successfully created a buzz using a cheeky play on English words and consumer needs.
  • Coverage: Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Australia, India


Hair care – Philippines, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Thailand

Skincare – India, Thailand, Australia


Representative data from Social media channels (Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram/ YouTube), Google searches and E-commerce reviews from top 3 sites in the market

The study was fielded from Dec 2021 – Nov 2022 (12 months of data)

Target Audience:

FMCG Brands, PE Firms, VC Firms, Startups (Existing players and new entrants). Brand/ Category Manager, Digital Marketing Managers, Ecommerce-Mangers, Insights Manager Investment Managers, Growth Managers, Strategy Heads, Venture Capitalists and PE firm partners/Consultants

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