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NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Award Winners Announced

Newscenter Article

NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Award winners! 

The first-ever NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Awards for outstanding Pricing and Promotion have been announced. 

More than 100 CPG companies and SMB brands are being recognized for leading their categories with excellent pricing and promotion strategies. These brands have managed to make a name for themselves and set the tone for the next few quarters in their industry. 

Keep reading to learn more about the NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Awards, what NielsenIQ Brand Score is, and how you can win an award for your company. 

What are the NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Awards?

The NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Awards used NielsenIQ’s syndicated data to recognize top Small and Medium (SMB) US CPG manufacturer brands that have managed to maintain a Brand Score of an A (Excellent) in their respective category. This is no easy feat and can be achieved either through pricing, promotion, assortment, or new product excellence!  

Winners of the NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Awards receive: 

  • Complimentary Brand Score access which includes best in class pricing/promotion analytics, from NielsenIQ;  
  • A personalized certificate and badge you can use online or print out and display in person to showcase your stellar brand performance to your retail partners; and 
  • Recognition on our NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Award page and across social media.  

Learn more about the award and see the pricing and promotion winners here

What is the NielsenIQ Brand Score?

NielsenIQ Brand Score is the most accurate assessment of CPG brands available anywhere. NielsenIQ Brand Score allows you to evaluate your brands’ performance at a high level. In one number, manufacturers, retailers, analysts or investors can see dozens of critical retail metrics distilled into an easily digestible number and letter score. 

Just like a Financial Credit Score helps an individual measure their overall financial health, NielsenIQ Brand Score helps you “grade” your brand based on four Function Scores: Promotion, Pricing, Assortment, and New Products. Each score is designed to give you an at-a-glance assessment of how your brand stacks up against competition within the category.  

You can learn more about NielsenIQ Brand Score and speak to one of our team members about getting access here

How Can I Win a NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Award?

Winning a coveted NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Award comes down to making informed, data-driven decisions. Being a customer of NielsenIQ is not a prerequisite to winning an award as we base our selection entirely on market leadership. However, brands are more likely to make successful pricing and promotion strategies when they do it powered by data. 

The best way to do this is by investing in a good retail data analytics platform like Byzzer, powered by NielsenIQ. With Byzzer’s reporting solutions, you can have all the data you need at your fingertips. You can get a sneak peek into your overall and 4 function scores in the category of your choice. Sign up for a free account with Byzzer today! 

Or, if you’re ready to invest in even more valuable data, reach out to our team, so we can help you build a customized paid plan. 

To learn more request a demo or reach out to our sales team today!