Press Release

NielsenIQ announces strategic investment in Fetch Rewards, the nation’s leading consumer rewards app

Press Release

NielsenIQ announces strategic investment in Fetch Rewards, the nation’s leading consumer rewards app

Chicago, IL – April 7, 2022 – NielsenIQ has made a strategic investment in Fetch Rewards, the leading mobile consumer rewards app in the U.S. NielsenIQ’s investment is part of Fetch Rewards’ latest funding round.

Fetch is the fastest-growing rewards app in the U.S., with 13 million active users who have submitted more than 2 billion receipts and earned more than $340 million in rewards points. With over 500 global brands on its roster and proven ability to drive consumer engagement with brands, Fetch represents the future of digital marketing. Fetch recently surpassed $100 billion in actionable gross merchandise value (GMV), making it equivalent to the nation’s seventh largest and fastest-growing retailer. By providing total visibility into purchase attribution and incrementality, Fetch can deliver precise ROI measurement and actionable insights that give brand partners a competitive advantage.

“At Fetch Rewards, we’re not just building a brand-new way for brands to engage with consumers – we’re also building a data analytics powerhouse that provides robust, actionable ways for brands to understand consumer purchase behavior,” said Dave Sommer, Chief Customer Officer, Fetch Rewards. “When we were looking at strategic partners, it made sense to bring on NielsenIQ, a world-class provider of data and insights. We believe it will accelerate engagement with and value for our brands!”

“The Fetch Rewards team has built a great business and we’re excited to strengthen our relationship, not just through financial investment, but with opportunities to collaborate on new product capabilities and features that will benefit retailers, brands and consumers,” said Kris Ewing, Chief Product Officer, NielsenIQ. “This relationship will allow both NielsenIQ and Fetch to better serve our shared global customers with more robust and actionable insights.”

With this investment, NielsenIQ continues to partner with leading companies that provide unique solutions to complement our industry-leading data measurement, analytics and retail media capabilities.

About Fetch Rewards

Founded in Madison, Wis., Fetch Rewards is America’s No. 1 consumer-rewards app. By partnering directly with the biggest brands in the world, Fetch gives consumers access to quick and easy rewards every time they snap a photo of their receipt or submit an eReceipt. A top-ranked app in the App Store and Google Play Store, Fetch Rewards has nearly two million five-star reviews from happy shoppers. To learn more, download the free app and visit

About NielsenIQ

NielsenIQ is the leader in providing the most complete, unbiased view of consumer behavior, globally. Powered by a ground-breaking consumer data platform and fueled by rich analytic capabilities, NielsenIQ enables bold, confident decision-making for the world’s leading consumer goods companies and retailers.

Using comprehensive data sets and measuring all transactions equally, NielsenIQ gives clients a forward-looking view into consumer behavior in order to optimize performance across all retail platforms. Our open philosophy on data integration enables the most influential consumer data sets on the planet. NielsenIQ delivers the complete truth.

NielsenIQ, an Advent International portfolio company, has operations in nearly 100 markets, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit

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