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Nielsen traces the Asian American consumer journey at New York Stock Exchange

Newscenter Article

Nielsen traces the Asian American consumer journey at New York Stock Exchange

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Asian Americans: Informed Influencers and Powerful Purchasers

Today’s path to purchase is anything but linear, and no two consumer paths are identical. As the fabric of the American consumer landscape grows increasingly diverse, marketers need critical insight into how their customers are navigating their purchase decisions if they want to be able to engage with them and land in their shopping baskets—or be front and center across the myriad screens that consumers use throughout their busy days.

Nielsen’s understanding of the complex diversity of the breadth of the American consumer landscape empowers brands and marketers to truly understand how people are engaging with brands, what’s influencing their decisions, and how they’re spending their time and money. In its ongoing effort to deliver key insight for brands, Nielsen recently highlighted new findings from its latest Diverse Intelligence consumer report on Asian American consumers at a marquee event held at the New York Stock Exchange.

Mariko Carpenter, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, headlined the event, and shared key findings from the latest report, the seventh on Asian Americans, about this group’s nonlinear consumer journey. This journey, otherwise known as the “path to purchase,” is simultaneously influenced by the U.S. mainstream, their native culture, and informed by their personal networks. Carpenter’s presentation gave marketers practical and actionable insights on the purchasing behaviors of this affluent and fast-growing segment, which surpassed $1 trillion in buying power in 2018.

“The Asian American path to purchase is a unique journey that’s informed by a rich cultural heritage as well as the latest advancements in technology,” explained Carpenter. “Globally and digitally connected Asian Americans are playing integral roles, both as consumers and influencers, in shaping the next generation of online retail trends in the U.S. and beyond. Brands interested in ‘what’s next’ need to take a serious look at this burgeoning and predictive segment.”

In addition to Carpenter’s presentation, the event included a panel discussion about authentic brand engagement with Asian Americans, when and where brands can engage social influencers, and the emergence of Asian Americans in mainstream pop culture. The panel featured Edwin Wong, SVP of Insights & Innovation at Vox Media and co-chair of our Asian Pacific American Advisory Council; Helen Bui, Founder & CEO of Notorious; and popular YouTube personality Mike Chen (Strictly Dumpling).

Following a watershed year that featured a number of cultural milestones for the Asian American community—from Crazy Rich Asians topping the U.S. box office to Congress swearing in a record number of Asian American Pacific Islander elected officials—Nielsen’s 2019 Asian American consumer report has, understandably, garnered an unprecedented amount of national media attention. Read more in NBC, New York Daily News, and Media Post.

Asian Americans have a growing voice in our country’s national conversation like never before,” Bui said. “We’re seeing new representation in industries and areas—like media, entertainment and politics—that’s enabling our community to pursue dreams and aspirations that were once seemingly inconceivable.

The panel also acknowledged the importance of the insight into this demographic that Nielsen’s Diverse Intelligence Series delivers.

“Work like Nielsen’s Diverse Intelligence Series allows us to illuminate and contextualize these seismic developments to help educate the public while empowering the Asian American community,” Wong said. “This year’s report is a true game changer, and it’s an honor to be part of it.”

For additional insights into the Asian American path to purchase, download Informed Influencers and Powerful Purchasers: The Asian American Consumer Journey. You can also learn more about Asian Americans at our microsite, and follow us on Twitter.

From left: Edwin Wong, SVP of Insights & Innovation at Vox Media; Mariko Carpenter, VP of Strategic Alliances at Nielsen; Helen Bui, Founder & CEO of Notorious; and YouTube personality Mike Chen