Press Release

Latest roster of Nielsen connected partners amplifies program through integration of retail measurement data

Press Release

Latest roster of Nielsen connected partners amplifies program through integration of retail measurement data

New York, NY, May 8, 2017 – Today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced the continued expansion of its Connected Partner Program with the addition of eight new partner companies. Since the program’s launch six months ago, the Nielsen Connected Partner Program has successfully grown into a community of 25 active partners. The latest roster of diverse program members includes GreatVines, Ground Signal, Interactive Edge, Jyve, Mobisave, Spring Mobile, Symphony EYC, and Vermont Information Processing (VIP).

Amplifying the power of the Connected Partner program, these new members are uniquely utilizing Nielsen’s retail measurement data to create enhanced solutions that meet a wide range of business needs for mutual clients. From providing sales teams with store-specific insights to allowing manufacturers to promote and capture post purchase rebate activity, the common denominator will be Nielsen’s retail measurement data, which includes product and store level data through market-level sales.

Through collaboration in an open ecosystem, Connected Partners, like the workforce sourcing company, Jyve, will now be able to help clients holistically manage the process and measure the success of in-store promotional programs inclusive of staffing and in-store promotion set-up, to tracking the success of these programs using Nielsen product-level information. Furthering capabilities for mutual clients, new partner Mobisave helps manufacturers understand consumer shopping and promotional program effectiveness by allowing consumers to claim rebates post shopping, regardless of retailer, on a mobile app.

“As a connected partner, our rebate system for consumer packaged goods is more robust when coupled with Nielsen’s UPC product reference data,” said David Florence, Mobisave CEO. “This forward-looking Connected Partner relationship aims to create more than the sum of our individual parts, and was the catalyst for us to join. The program enhances our data and strengthens our solutions, increasing the power of our system for CPG manufacturers.”

“The most exciting component of the Nielsen Connected Partner program is in the exploration of finding new use cases for Nielsen data,” said Paul Richmond, Global Leader of Nielsen’s Retail Measurement Solutions. “The robust nature of our retail measurement data continues to power connections and advance solutions living within our ecosystem. We are just at the beginning stages of truly discovering the seemingly endless range of possibilities, and are committed to furthering the discovery process through flexibility of data and open collaboration.”

The Nielsen Connected Partner Program is an industry first, offering an open ecosystem for companies servicing the retail and CPG industry. By opening up data pipelines, partner companies and Nielsen clients can find each other and collaborate in an open data ecosystem, removing the most common and burdensome barriers to connecting applications and data sets at scale. With Nielsen’s data as the DNA of this program, Nielsen clients and partners will harness more efficient and accurate analytics that drive better industry results from all angles.

The latest roster of partners join a list of 17 companies that are already a part of the Nielsen Connected Partner Program. Those partners are: 1010data, Applied Predictive Technology (APT), BasketSavings, Chuze, ciValue, Clear Demand, Destini, Eversight, MarketTrack, MediaFly, Neogrid, Pathformance, PivotStream, Prevedere, RangeMe, ShopAdvisor and TABS Analytics.

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