How Joy Milk Tea Landed a Major Retailer

“We didn’t have to do the hustle… We told our story the way we know it to be true, and we backed it up using NielsenIQ data. It was much easier.”

Max Blessen, Founder of Joy Milk Tea

The business challenge

Sometimes products are created to fill a need that retailers just don’t see.–When the retailer doesn’t know a market exists, how can you convince them to carry your products?

How do you uncover an untapped market?

How do you use CPG data to show demand exists?

What can convince a retailer?

The data solution

Everybody’s got to start somewhere –and Joy Milk Tea is proof that a few key data points can make a huge difference to getting on the shelf.

The major retailer couldn’t believe the power of the data they’ve been able to provide and even learn something about their own sales from their pitch deck. (Spoiler: It helped seal the deal!)

They’ve been able to identify an emerging market and position themselves as the brand leader for this niche.

By showcasing their unique category and sales opportunity, Joy Milk Tea has won regional distribution with a major retailer-with more coming.

Still small? Don’t stress. Small brands can prove they deserve shelf space, too.

Joy Milk Tea went from selling hand-labeled bottles at the farmer’s market to getting major distribution in two years.


Retailers and category managers may not have deep insight into your particular market. But, if you can show them the data to prove your value, you can make them believers.


The Joy Milk Tea team used 52-week trailing sales data for the retailer and compared their own sales to show a massive opportunity. 


This data along with total unit sales percent, ACV, and TDP has become a key piece of their conversations with new retailers –and it’s paying off.

Data made it easy to prove that consumers love Joy Milk Tea.

Now, Byzzer’s data is a crucial part of the conversation with potential new retail partners. Joy Milk Tea can open presentations with hard numbers from credible data sources: NielsenIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement. They’re also proactively identifying the right markets and retailers to expand into to maximize growth and plan for the future. Instead of begging for shelf space, Joy Milk Tea can show exactly how their products can benefit the retailers.

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