NIQ Solutions for Emerging Brands

Are you spending too much time creating retail category reviews or pitch decks?

NIQ Emerging Brand Solutions can do the heavy lifting for you with access to Byzzer’s “Stories” feature.

It can take a lot of time to accrue data, glean valuable insights from it, and then put it into a usable format for your retailer meetings.

That’s why we’ve created the new Stories feature on the Byzzer retail analytics platform.

It’s a way for CPG manufacturers to automate the creation of presentations for retail category reviews and internal business reviews.

Save time and tell a compelling brand story with just a few clicks!

It’s as simple as:

  1. Defining your objective
  2. Previewing your story
  3. Selecting your data inputs  

Stories will use these inputs to build a multi-page, presentation-ready report that is ready to go!

Discover the Stories for emerging brands

Category Review Story

Build a Category Review presentation to highlight your performance at a retailer and identify opportunities to add products or expand distribution.

Category Management Story

As a trusted retailer partner, evaluate the category performance and opportunities to aid in the retailer’s category management process.

Brand Review Story

Build a Brand Review Story that highlights your brands performance

Shopper Snapshot Story

Understand the shopper KPIs and trends for a product in a specific market.

Wellness Story: Category Trend Analysis

The NPI Trend Category Analysis Template centers around trends in your category. Identify who the consumers of this trend are and how they’re shopping for it, all with a category-specific lens.

Analytics Story: Price & Promotion Analytics

Optimize your pricing and promotion strategy using category trends, NIQ-modeled data, and item-level recommendations.