Consumer 360® 2020: Innovate your products

Build, evolve, and market your products to consistently grow your business

Reveal the intent behind consumer behavior. Leverage research combining advanced technology and human empathy. Discover inspiration for the big ideas that drive companies forward.

Surveying the new normal across global markets

Analyzing data from consumer reflections on a crisis

As countries chose various paths to re-open their economies after pandemic shutdowns, it created a diverse range of shopping experiences. What can we learn form shoppers across the globe as they’ve adjusted their purchasing habits?

Reveal the intent behind consumer behavior

Leverage research combining advanced technology and human empathy.

Understanding key moments of consumption

Pack Design + Neuroscience, Bases Pack 360

Software-enabled agile innovation, Bases Studio Platform

Driving ROI through packaging redesign

Meet the winners for bases package design impact awards

Great package design matters. In fact, optimized package redesigns generate an average of 6% lift in forecasted revenue. What are the best practices inspiring the most eye-catching products on the shelf?

Measuring innovation without blind spots

How rapid measurement can supercharge your success

Recent pressures on supply chains, budgets and resources have created uncertainty for today’s leaders to invest in innovation. Can an always-on, automated approach to innovation measurement benchmark current performance while predicting future trends?

Measuring innovation gap free

See successful innovation decoded with measurement in action

Reimagining retail reinvention

Using agile principles to drive successful innovation

What are real agile principles, and how can they apply to FMCG innovation?

Manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to get compelling new products to market. How can companies truly incorporate Agile processes into innovation cycles?

Brick & mortar going forward

Building the store of the future

The resiliency of brick and mortar stores is being tested like never before. By leveraging data-driven decision making and a robust virtual platform to facilitate remote collaboration, teams can remain competitive and thrive with new in-store designs.

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