The digital depth analysis: The e-commerce experience audit


The digital depth analysis: The e-commerce experience audit

  • Download our report to learn how e-commerce has shifted in recent years and how you can best service your customers.

Create the best e-commerce experience for shoppers

The global pandemic accelerated the move to online shopping and paved the way for more need-based shopping by “conscious shoppers.”

As more consumers migrated to this digital landscape, product transparency became a key priority for shoppers, and retailers were forced to adapt or risk shopper loyalty. Our report, The Digital Depth Analysis: The e-commerce experience audit, reviews 40 top retailers to understand how e-commerce has shifted and how well retailers are servicing their shoppers. 

The report explores four key pillars:



Can online shoppers easily discover products through advanced filters and organic search? Are retailers utilizing metadata and differentiating their products to stand out from the competition?



Are product detail pages complete with full-sided imagery, ingredients, nutrients, attribute iconography, and product replacements? Is there enough data present on the page to empower the shopper to make a purchase decision?



Does the product detail page answer all the questions on the path to purchase through enhanced content and rich media?



Are retailers creating personalized and unique experiences to drive brand loyalty and add value to the shopping journey by removing friction?

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Download the new report to learn more about the current retailer landscape and just how well retailers are serving their shoppers through product data and attribution.

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