Easter dinner is going to cost more this year 


Easter dinner is going to cost more this year 

Inflation strikes again—U.S. consumers can expect to pay much more than usual on traditional Easter dinner items and candy this year.  

A costly Easter dinner 

Easter, while not as market driving of a holiday as Christmas in the U.S., is still celebrated by many throughout the country. One study found that 80% of surveyed Americans intend to celebrate Easter this year, which points to the secular nature of the holiday for a substantial portion of the population. Who doesn’t love a chocolate Easter bunny, after all? 

Based on NielsenIQ retail sales data from March, this year’s celebration will see dramatic increases in the price of food commodities across the board. Ham, a traditional Easter dinner meat, saw a price increase of 52.9% compared to March 2021, while spiral ham is up by 46.1%. The produce department as a whole is up 10.3% in average cost with fruit specifically rising by 12.5% and vegetables by 8.5%.

Consumers who look at these prices and try to pivot to other meats as a main course may not find much relief elsewhere either. Consider the following price increases:

  • Meat overall +13.6% 
  • Fresh meat +10.8% 
  • Lamb +18.5% 
  • Chicken +13.0% 
  • Turkey +21.8% 
  • Pork +11.0% 

Those thinking that might be better off leaving the cooking to others should prepare to be disappointed too—prepared, pre-cooked meats at the grocery store are also up 18.7%. 

A more expensive egg hunt 

Of course, before the meal comes the Easter egg hunt and glorious candy. These items have also seen increases in price though, with chocolate up 8% and candy confections (think Peeps) up 8.1%. Even the floral department has seen increases, with prices up by 10.4%.

With the changing habits of U.S. consumers, these price increases could potentially point to a muted holiday season—even with pandemic restrictions lifting in most parts of the country.