Beverage Alcohol insights for Halloween & Dia de los Muertos


Beverage Alcohol insights for Halloween & Dia de los Muertos

  • In the U.S., off-premise alcohol sales in the U.S. reached $3.39 billion in the U.S.– a 4.2% increase from 2021—during the two week period of Halloween and Día de los Muertos.   
  • See which alcoholic drinks were most popular among Americans during the Halloween and Día de los Muertos holidays. 
  • Download the infographic for a quick view of the insights. 

Beer, flavored malt beverage (FMB), and cider sales prospered

In 2020 and 2021, Beer, FMBs,and Cider as a group were consumers’ top choice for Halloween and Día de los Muertos parties. This trend continued this year and dollar sales for these drinks reached $1.8 billion, up 7.7% compared to the same period one year ago. Sales of Spirits were also up 1.5% compared to last year, but Wine sales declined by -0.9% in comparison to 2021.  

Ready-to-drink beverages enjoyed a notable popularity boost during Halloween and Día de los Muertos celebrations this year, with dollar sales increasing 10.9% from 2021. 

The channels driving growth for alcoholic beverages were Convenience (+10.1%) and Food (+3.7%), while the Liquor (-2.5%) and Drug (-2.9%) channels both encountered sales declines. 

Download the infographic

For an at-a-glance look at alcoholic beverage trends during Halloween and Día de los Muertos, download the infographic.

Some skipped the alcohol 

When drilling down on sales success for each category within the Beverage Alcohol vertical, Table Wine was a clear leader—accruing $603.3 million in sales during this two-week period, followed by Import Beers and Premium Lights.  

This year, there were some obvious trends in terms of what people were drinking at their Halloween and Día de los Muertos celebrations. One to note was the growing popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, as Non-Alcoholic Spirits sales jumped up 71.5% compared to 2021 and Non-Alcoholic Beer sales were up 28.4%. This ties in with the wider wellness trend, as more consumers cut down on alcohol consumption and choose alternatives in a bid to live healthier lifestyles.    

Other success stories from this year’s festivities were Ready-to-Drink Spirits (up 62.3%) and Dessert Wine (up 30.2%).  

At the other extreme, Wine-Based Cordials plummeted in popularity, as sales dropped 17.9% compared to 2021.  Meanwhile, Grain Alcohol lost footing, with sales down 15.5% and sales of spirits like Cognac and Scotch also fell. Sales of once-trending Hard Seltzers also dropped during this period in comparison to one year ago. 


NielsenIQ Measured Off Premise Channels (Halloween & Día de los Muertos = 2 weeks ending 11/105/2022)