Multilevel Hypernode Graphs for Effective and Efficient Entity Linking

Workshop Conference


October 16, 2022

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COLING. TextGraphs Workshop


David Montero
Javier Yebes
Javier Martinez


Information extraction on documents still remains a challenge, especially when dealing with unstructured documents with complex and variable layouts. Graph Neural Networks seem to be a promising approach to overcome these difficulties due to their flexible and sparse nature, but they have not been exploited yet. In this work, we present a multi-level graph-based model that performs entity building and linking on unstructured documents, purely based on GNNs, and extremely light (0.3 million parameters). We also propose a novel strategy for an optimal propagation of the information between the graph levels based on hypernodes. The conducted experiments on public and private datasets demonstrate that our model is suitable for solving the tasks, and that the proposed propagation strategy is optimal and outperforms other approaches.