Using Segmentation Science to decode the Conscious Consumer : Understanding the shift towards sustainable living

May 4, 2023 | Anassa City Events

Overview of the webinar

Over the past 10 years we have seen positive consumer sentiment toward sustainability, and this led to the anticipation that consumer preferences would drive the industry toward a ‘green’ revolution. However, a combination of challenges has slowed our progress and led to a situation where both consumers and companies have not driven the change anticipated.

We believe that emerging drivers will force companies to reenvisage today’s business models , tapping into evolving consumer demand can expedite business’s will to change.  It is critical for businesses therefore, to understand how consumers are evolving – who are the leaders of sustainable behavior change versus the laggards? How can we tap into the unique motivators and influences across each diverse group to unlock the required changes we need consumers to embrace.

NIQ has conducted an extensive survey spanning into 17 countries to delve into this topic and have identified 5 unique consumers cohorts – derived from their attitudes towards sustainability topics, current behaviors as well as their disposition towards sustainable choices while shopping.

While there are common “hygiene” traits that are relevant to all – identifying those nuances and specific drivers to key groups will ensure manufacturers and retailers trigger those drivers that will accelerate real change.


Nicole Corbett-Vice President, NIQ Global Thought Leadership

Irina Nazarova- Product Manager of Segmentation Science for NIQ Consumer Insight

Shonali Ghosh-Executive Director, CR NIQ Consumer Insights

2 Clients- TBD

Date & Time

May 4, 2023

4pm Singapore Time, 10am Western Europe Time