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NIQ BASES | IIEX Europe 2023

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

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March 28-29, 2023

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NIQ Speaking Session

How AI is Delivering the Next Revolution in Product Development

Wednesday Mar 29 | 3:00 – 3:20 p.m. | Track 1

The approaches to developing and enhancing product formulations has not changed since they were developed in the 1950’s. Experimenting and finding new paths to success are limited by costs, time, and risk.

NIQ BASES has developed a new approach using AI to discover new routes to product success, elevating formulations by utilising the world of sensory experiences.

In this case study with Mondelēz International, we show how AI predicted the performance of new formulations, validated by further consumer research, and identified never considered flavours for further development.

Hear how AI is leading the next revolution in product formulation development, leading to new insights, reducing costs and risks in formulation optimisation, whilst delighting consumers.

Chris Sinclair

Global Head Optimisation, and BASES Growth Leader

Meet our experts


Jackie Tarran

VP, BASES Global Product & Sensory Optimisation

Aleksandra Andan

Director, BASES Account Development

Olga Malinkina

Director, BASES Account Development

Tessa Buckens

Director, BASES Account Development

Alfredo Perez Cabello

Director, BASES Account Development

Vijay Premani

Client Business Partner, Retail Intelligence

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