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  • More than 2,100 participants every year benefit from our engaging Category Management workshops
  • More than 130 sessions conducted worldwide throughout the year, bringing our expertise to diverse business environments
  • With an impressive recommendation rate above 99%, our participants highly value and endorse our workshops

Client Testimonials

The workshop exceeded my expectations. I especially liked the examples that we can apply in practice.


It was the perfect essence of practical category management. The content was wide and extremely well organized. That all created a holistic logical story of the whole 2 days.


A comprehensive workshop which benefits professionals with varying levels of ecommerce knowledge levels. I found some of the concepts discussed to be very interesting and will look to apply them in my work.


I really enjoyed the workshop; it helped me confirm my knowledge about my market/role and allowed me to identify opportunities for growth within my business and others too.


The best category management workshop I have ever attended. Thank you.


It was amazing! The trainer was prepared for every topic and discussions. It was the perfect balance between theoretical contents, examples, and exercises. The training had a lot of local examples & market trends that enriched the sessions! I love it! Congratulations!


A really good workshop. Interesting and practical. Well-paced with good use of content & materials, also a good balance of presentation material, group discussion and practical group exercises. Trainer was excellent and was [an] expert in the subject area, delivered with good pace, variety and inclusion of participants as relevant.


From developing a joint trade category management process between retailers and manufacturers, to evaluating and managing your categories on the ground, our category management training programs are designed to help transform your strategic business units into producing positive results while delivering value to your shopper.

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Our experience

The content of our program brings together the best of many practices. Category management fundamentals, shopper behavior understanding, efficient assortment analysis, space planning, and price and promotion assessment are just some of the core elements for category success at the point of sale, covering brick and mortar and more recently online channels. Check out our workshop programs for more details.

The Workshops
The Workshops

Practical Category Management

This hands-on workshop explores topics and case studies covering the eight steps of category management, elements to create joint trade processes between retailers and manufacturers, roles and responsibilities, category definition, roles, assessment, scorecard, strategies, tactics such as product range merchandising, price and promotion, as well as review metrics.

Shopper Centric Category Management

Learn how to apply a more shopper-centric approach to your category management process. The topics covered include, a shopper-centric framework that will walk you through segmentation types, shopping missions, channel choice, store clustering, decision trees, category opportunities, shopper needs evaluation creating insights to reflect them in the in-store tactics.

Efficient Assortment Management

This classroom program has been designed to equip you with a collaborative framework to achieve an optimal assortment management and understand the benefits it offers to retailers, manufacturers and shoppers.

Impactful Space Management

This workshop pivots around the means to design store and category layouts. The program also covers topics related to shopper time optimization, how to expose more profitable categories, simplify shelf navigation, allocate space, leverage in-store shopper behavior and traffic flow, and the planogram creation process.

Price and Promotion Management

This interactive two-day session integrates NIQ’s accumulated knowledge of effective pricing strategies, enhanced promotion planning with the key drivers reflected in the successful category management process. Moreover, neurological findings are built into simulators to run exercises, providing an opportunity to convert theory to action.

E-Commerce Category Management 1.0

This critical program focuses on understanding how to adapt category management to omnichannel businesses. By the end of the program you will be able to develop, execute and monitor streamlined processes that are shopper-centric and bears return on investment of your e-commerce channel.

E-Commerce Category Management 2.0

This workshop focuses on Shopper Journey, the appropriate strategies that need to be followed and the creation of a detailed action plan.

Omnichannel Category Management

The shoppers today use different channels, different services, and devices to do their shopping. We will discuss how different touchpoints blend within shopper journey and how to use this information to build a consistent experience and category growth across channels.

Perfect Shelf
(for Spaceman users)

The workshop focuses on discovering micro space management. We will develop perfect shelf layouts based on the strategy and shopper understanding with the help of Spaceman. Those using Spaceman in their daily work will learn to connect category strategy with planogram creation.

Revenue Management Optimization (for manufacturers only)

This workshop explores how to manage price architecture, and design portfolio in a competitive retail environment in order to maximize revenue. Learn to select the right price & promotion for your products by following a process that can improve your revenue and profit. 












Our Trainers
Our Trainers
Peter Wong

Peter Wong

Peter has been working in the FMCG industry about 22 years in the role of Category Management, Trade marketing, and Marketing prior to joining NielsenIQ Malaysia. He has numerous hands-on experiences in delivery category management projects, planning and execution marketing activities to trade ranging from beverages, milk, confectionery, personal care, and household category. Peter shall be responsible for APAC Category management training. He holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing and an Executive MBA.

Chryssa Asmatzi

Chryssa Asmatzi

Chryssa Asmatzi has more than 25 years of experience in retail, with expertise in all facets of marketing, branding, communications, business development, e-commerce, and category management for key retailers in Greece. She specializes in strategic planning and analysis, shopper marketing, customer insights, digital marketing and has a passion for e-business and innovative communication strategy development.

Evros Kastanas

Evros Kastanas

Evros Kastanas has more than 17 years of brand marketing and market research experience across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. He has held brand management, customer management and marketing services management positions with CPG manufacturers and retailers, and specializes in analyzing marketing performance efforts. He has a passion for marketing management applications, and training and provides an integrated perspective that combines research, manufacturing, distribution, and retailing.

Annie Muñoz

Annie Muñoz

Annie Muñoz has been in charge of leading the relationship between NielsenIQ and various strategic partners in Latin America. Her role has included the leadership of teams in commercial areas in charge of developing consultancies for the most important manufacturers of several industries of mass consumption in Central America. Additionally, she is responsible for the organization of thought leadership materials. Her career in NielsenIQ extends for more than 10 years and is currently the leader of the CatMan workshop business for Latin America.

Vivian Wong

Vivian Wong

Vivian Wong joined NielsenIQ in 2018. She offers insightful and actionable consultations and services to different international FMCG clients in the food, beverages, personal care, and healthcare industries. Currently, she leads our workshops in the Asia Pacific. Before joining NielsenIQ, Vivian spent over 10 years in sales and marketing across Asia. She has immense hands-on experience in leading teams from category-to-channel planning and execution across different consumer and healthcare products.

Jana Volovika

Jana Volovika

Jana Volovika has more than 10 years of experience in retail, with expertise in-store operations, category management to private label development, and brand management. Currently, she leads our workshops in Europe, delivering a series of training with an integrated perspective that combines manufacturing, retailing, and the use of big data. As of February 2021, she is part of the advisors group to the Category Management Association board.

Fees & Discounts
Fees & Discounts

Early bird discount if registration is formalized at least one month before the workshop takes place. Group discounts apply for 2 and more participants from the same company or a participant attending more than one workshop. Comprehensive course materials, case studies, and individual certificates are included.

Take your business to the next level with our Category Management Workshops

Join our training programs to devise your strategies in boosting growth, while delivering value to your shopper and collaborating successfully with partners.

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