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Linkontro 2023

May 18-21, 2023

Forte Village Resort, Sardinia (CA)

2023 Theme

At the very root of future times 

Today’s responsibilities for a better tomorrow 

We live in days of radical uncertainty. Everything seems difficult. Much is dangerous. The fear that might grip us in circumstances such as these might push us in two wrong directions.   

It might hold out the hope that it is enough to resist because then everything will go back to the way it was. And what seems to no longer work today, from the business model of companies and supply chains to the leadership style of entrepreneurs and managers, from consumer behavior patterns to the way younger people experience work, will instead go back to being as good as before. But history repeats itself in cyclical form only in appearance: in reality, each era must find new answers to old and new problems. In a spiral that can be one of progress or regression, depending on the choices we make. The night surely will pass but we do not know if and how we will wake up at dawn tomorrow. We must work hard if we want the awakening to be a sign of progress.   

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Linkontro 2023 program

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In the 2023 edition of Linkontro we can also count with top-level speakers.

Exhibit 2023

Supporting Linkontro 2023 offered companies the opportunity to present themselves and communicate in an authentic and exclusive way within a prominent professional environment in the FMCG landscape

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Ilaria Belmonte​​

The Brand Collection: Iceberg 2023

The Brand Collection: Iceberg 2023
Iceberg 2023 proved to be the ideal environment for companies to showcase their products, giving them greater relevance.

For more information about the Brand Collection, you can contact:   

Ilaria Belmonte​

The Art exhibition

The Excellence Gallery aims to tell the stories of the protagonists of our FMCG world through art.  

For the 2023 edition, the Excellence Gallery will host the first art exhibition for FMCG companies created by an artist together with A.I.
An encounter from which a creative and cultural journey of absolute originality comes to life, generating insights into the relationship between man and machine, the future, and a new vision of the world, confronting us with a totally unprecedented point of view on the corporate reality.

Each artwork will be complemented by a text composed by the author together with deep learning: perfect evidence of how the two actors can complement each other.

For more information about the Excellence Gallery, you can contact:   

Ilaria Belmonte​

Advisory Board 2023

Find out who collaborated to define the themes and content of the 2023 edition.