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Linkontro 2023 program

Highlights of the current edition

In this section you will find the official program of Linkontro 2023, including the general program of the four-day event, and details of the exclusive talks during the three-day conference.

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General program


Leads the session Andrea Cabrini, Class CNBC

The media partner of Linkontro 

Class CNBC 

Class Cnbc for almost 25 years has been the first Italian TV channel dedicated to business information and finance at 360°.

It participates in the Linkontro 2023 edition as a Media Partner.

Linkontro 2023 speakers

Luca Altieri
Beatrice Bauer
Matteo Bonù
Andrea Cabrini
Mario Calabresi
Carlo Carraro
Marta Dassù
Luca De Nard
Andrea Gangheri
Tracey Massey
Francesco Morace
Laurence Mott
Mara Panajia
Davide Pellegrini
Vincenzo Perrone
Raffaella Pollini
Ettore Prandini
Francesco Pugliese
Lucrezia Reichlin
Alec Ross
Paola Scarpa
Luca Tomasi
Marco Travaglia

Linkontro 2023 Activities

The conference program is accompanied by a series of networking and professional activities, open to all participants.

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