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Exhibit 2022

Become a sponsor​
Become a sponsor​

Joining Linkontro 2022 provided an opportunity for companies to showcase themselves and communicate in an authentic and exclusive way within a prominent professional context in the Italian FMCG landscape

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Ilaria Belmonte​​

The Excellence Gallery aims to tell the stories of the protagonists of our FMCG world through art.  

For the 2022 edition, the Gallery proposes the interpretation of an established artist able to exalt the commitment and values of manufacturing and retailing companies. Alessandro Baronciani is the artist representing stories in comics. 

The journey unfolds in a series of comic book “pictures” that narrate one-page stories and which, together, form the Manifesto of the values of the Brand and Modern Distribution industries in an ideal journey towards the future.  

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Ilaria Belmonte​

Product exhibition
Product exhibition

The Diamond Brand collection

“The Diamond Brand Collection” is the showcase for the products of companies that, by showcasing themselves, intend to emphasise their innovative capacity, commitment and passion for Doing Good to satisfy the consumer and build a successful future.