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Forecasting & Activation

BASES Line & Price Optimizer

Simulate product assortment changes, alternative pricing scenarios, pack size changes, new price-pack architecture, and new promotions.

Simplify your path to growth

Explore and optimize a full range of options across your brands to maximize growth for your business.

  • Plan your pipeline
  • Grow your profits
  • Manage your revenue potential

Maximize your incremental growth

Consumers won’t see your new product offering by itself—they’ll see it in a dynamic marketplace where many competitive choices are available. In this context, even your existing products can cannibalize sales. BASES Line & Price Optimizer helps you maximize share potential and incrementality for your brand.

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Key features
Key features


Turn consumer data into market reality

Combine predictive analytics and gold standard data with an intuitive interface that accurately simulates the shopping experience.


Make it

Our platform simplifies input collection, which allows you to focus on results and decisions that matter.


Industry-leading experience

Our team of line and price specialists have conducted over 3,000 studies in the past three years, providing you with the confidence you need to succeed.

Person innovating their products

Want to learn more?

Our team is here to help as you develop your next innovation.

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