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NielsenIQ Discover for Retail

Collaborate to optimize pricing, promotion, assortment, customer and category insights, supply chain, and marketing.


Collaboration made simple

One platform integrates retailer’s customer and loyalty data with NielsenIQ’s best-in-class core measurement data and real-time analytics, enabling retailers and suppliers to quickly make decision’s in today’s dynamic marketplace. With Discover for Retail you can collaborate and activate on merchandising and marketing, and dive deeper into insights to optimize your mutual business.

What makes us different
What makes us different


Integrated platform​

Collaboration between retailers and suppliers in one integrated platform streamlines business decisions. ​


Real-time analytics​

Advanced analytics serve up predictive and prescriptive recommendations to optimize your business.


Deep insights​

Detailed insights on your category, customers and competitors help you deliver the right products and the right content at the right time​.


Powerful data and actionable recommendations maximize profitability and eliminate wasteful trade spend.


Execute your promotional strategy through a collaboratively-aligned definition of promotion success.


Assess which items to grow, maintain, and delist. Get the right items on shelf, leveraging incrementality analytics.

Supply Chain

Optimize cost (shipping, stock, spoilage) and maximize revenue while effectively managing supplier relations.

Customer and Category Insights

Analyze trends in your category to connect with customers and drive your business.

Retail Media

Personalize marketing content to strengthen customer loyalty, boost engagement, optimize ROAS, and increase sales.