New NielsenIQ Essentials solution guides manufacturers with e-gateway to the right data and analytics

NielsenIQ is empowering clients to easily access data online via a globally unified approach, powered by  a century-long foundation of expertise

Chicago, IL — April 22, 2021 —NielsenIQ today announced the availability of NielsenIQ Essentials, an innovative product that modernizes the Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturer client experience by driving outcomes. With NielsenIQ Essentials, clients get access to robust data, insights and value-added services via the Connect Express solution, which features interactive visuals, customizable apps, reports and more. FMCG clients will be equipped to measure their product performance in more detail across more channels with the use of sophisticated data that uncovers insights on trends and dynamics. 

NielsenIQ Essentials is a robust toolbox that provides core FMCG data for manufacturers. It features a set of dashboards, a “build-your-own” i-sights app and a set of i-reports. At the heart of NielsenIQ Essentials is Guided Analytics, an easy-to-use, modernized analytics suite that consists of gold-standard analytical flows answering  client business questions. Additionally, clients will  be able to leverage an online knowledge bank, which provides answers to key questions as well as a comprehensive online training suite to learn how to effectively use the data available through NielsenIQ Essentials.

“With NielsenIQ Essentials, our manufacturer clients are able to analyze data and make effective decisions that get them to their future, faster,” said Johan Sjostrand, President, Global Markets, NielsenIQ. “This solution fills a gap for clients who are struggling to navigate the mass volume of data and get easy access to the right insights, while still providing the opportunity to work with our teams for more granular insights. NielsenIQ Essentials enables manufacturers to enjoy enhanced collaboration and clarity by delivering visuals for a specific business issue with a few clicks.”

“There has never been a more dynamic and challenging time to be a manufacturer. In many cases, they rely on incomplete data when making decisions,” said Philippe Guerrieri, Client Success Leader, Global Markets, NielsenIQ. “Our mission is to deliver outcome measurement around the world so our manufacturer clients can maximize their ROI, move with velocity and be budget friendly. We launched NielsenIQ Essentials as an answer to an industry calling for better reporting measurement.”

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