Woman shopping grocery in supermarket during corona virus pandemic

Use case: Is it organic online growth or brick-and-mortar leakage?

How a cosmetic brand uses omnishopper data

Download our use case to see how a cosmetics brand can answer this billion-dollar question. 

Every brand and category manager needs to know: are these online sales net new customers, or are customers shifting from brick-and-mortar? The pandemic shutdowns exacerbated existing blind spots for brands and retailers. But you don’t need to accept “known unknowns” or rely on incomplete information for business-critical decisions. 

In our latest use case, you’ll seen how a cosmetic retailer can use omnichannel shopper data to identify behavior trends by category and channel, tailor their marketing and activation strategies accordingly and develop smarter strategies to increase incremental sales and attract new customers.

Download the use case today to see how omnichannel data can help you answer questions like:

  • How well am I converting shoppers in stores?
  • Where do brick-and-mortar shoppers leak to when they don’t convert?
  • How much of my online sales growth is incremental?

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