Maximize Your Brand’s Growth with Byzzer’s Price and Promotion Simulation Tools

Stay ahead of the curve, make informed choices, and watch your brand thrive in an ever-evolving market.

Welcome to the future of retail strategy with the Regular Price Simulator and the Promo Event Simulator.

As a CPG manufacturer, staying ahead of the competition and optimizing your pricing and promotional strategies is key to success. We are thrilled to offer an innovative solution that will revolutionize the way CPG brands approach price increases and promotional events – Byzzer’s Regular Price Simulator and the Promo Event Simulator.

Let Byzzer do the heavy lifting for you!

Discover the Regular Price Simulator

The Power of Informed Pricing

Are you contemplating a price change for your product? Byzzer’s new Pricing Simulator is your ultimate ally in making data-driven decisions. With this innovative tool at your fingertips, you can now access insights that would otherwise be assumed.

The Regular Price Simulator doesn’t just provide you with confidence to execute a price change, it goes further:

  1. Price Impact Analysis: The Regular Price Simulator allows users to input a specific price change for a product and estimate its impact on unit sales, sales volume, cost, and profit. This analysis helps users understand how price changes affect their product’s performance in the market.
  2. Multiple Scenarios: The simulator provides insights into various scenarios, including changing the price of an item in isolation, adjusting the price for the entire brand, modifying prices for all brands within a company portfolio, and aligning price changes with the category. Each scenario helps users make informed pricing decisions based on their specific goals and circumstances.
  3. Threshold Values and Elasticity Assessment: Identify the price thresholds that could trigger consumer backlash or the sweet spots that encourage higher sales volumes.

Discover the Promo Event Simulator

Elevate Your Promotional Game

Our Promo Event Simulator offers a powerful solution for arming you with the necessary evidence to persuade CPG buyers to embrace promotional activity with your brand. With the Promo Event Simulator, you can fine-tune your promotional strategies down to the specific price points and levels of support, enabling you to optimize your promotional campaigns for maximum impact.

But that’s not all—the Promo Event Simulator doesn’t stop at providing insights and data. It takes your promotional efforts a step further by:

  1. Lift Predictions: Byzzer’s Promo Event Simulator provides realistic predictions of the potential increase in sales and units for your brand when participating in different promotional tactics, like: casual promotions, display additions, and/or features.
  2. Elasticity Assessment: The simulator offers insights into consumer sensitivity to various promotional strategies, allowing you to tailer your promotions effectively. It helps determine whether certain tactics are worth the investment, while considering the elasticity of your items.
  3. Review and Plan: The tool helps you identify which promotional tactics are going to work best for your product(s), and which are less impactful. This information assists in creating a data-backed promotional plan for your retailer and optimizing your brand’s performance during promotions, without explicitly focusing on profit projections.
The price and promotion simulators are part of the Byzzer Analytics package and are supported by:
  • A suite of analytics reports to help you understand opportunities & build strategies
  • Dedicated analytics support, who can help you identify opportunities and guide you through execution
  • Price & Promo Story to complement the simulator outcomes and build a strong story for your retail partners

The Ultimate Guide to Pricing and Promotion

Download the guide for an in-depth examination of pricing and promotion strategies that are effective today, as well as how these strategies have yielded successful outcomes.

Includes a leading CPG case study demonstrating how to optimize your pricing and promotion strategies to maximize ROI.