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Affordable and easy access to NIQ’s data and insights, provides you and your business with a full view of the market, the consumer and the competition.

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    From launch to $1.4 million with NIQ’s data

    The success story of Golden Monkey Food 

    Founded more than 30 years ago, Golden Monkey Foods was known as a traditional snacking product manufacturer with a strong presence in China. They aspired to be the preferred candy provider across all age groups.

    Here’s how Golden Monkey used performance and omnichannel data to achieve a remarkable $1.4 million in revenue within one month.

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    What We Offer:


    An agile and flexible solution​

    Designed for entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses – designed to give you the power and freedom with data via our single access point.​


    With affordable pricing​

    Start with a small investment to unlock new growth potential with accurate data to achieve fast ROI.​


    Easy to use

    Deliverables via our always-on platform, with a simple & easy to use interface, providing actionable insights to grow your business.​

    Featured solution
    Featured solution

    Understanding market research information doesn’t have to be complicated, we have the perfect tool for you. Find out more! 

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    Expand your horizon. Get the confidence to make data-driven decisions to grow your business ​

    Harness the power of data for your growth strategy

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