Retailer Partnership Starter Pack​

Retailer Partnership

Our Value offering to you ‘at a glance’

​As an early adopter, and high value retail partner of the NielsenIQ Brandbank collaboration program, we will deploy the following solution offerings ​

Phase 1: Implement your digital automation strategy​

Save time & effort – Centralise and streamline ​branded content management ensuring quality and consistency ongoing. Automate content in your business through a free API connection.

Stock Images

Loose items (Fresh & Deli)​

Self-Serve Licenses

For 100 suppliers ​(up to 1,000 SKUs)

Complete Product Content – Immediately access NielsenIQ Brandbank’s database of digital product content

Grow Content Coverage and automation – NielsenIQ Brandbank will work directly with your suppliers to create, aggregate and standardise digital product content for Branded SKUs

Phase 2: Ignite your digital enhancement strategy​

Increase Private Label loyalty – Differentiate Private Label on the digital shelf and enhance the shopper journey through engaging product content.​

Enhanced Image Content Creation

Up to 50 CGI and 10 rich content for Private Label SKUs

Rich Media Hosting

Up to 150 Private Label SKUs

Complete the 5 simple steps to igniting Phase 1 of your digitisation journey with NielsenIQ Brandbank today. We’ll then collaborate with you on Phase 2 of your journey to expedite ECommerce Excellence.

Modularised rich media hosting to suit all sizes of manufacturer​