NielsenIQ Consumer Insights Measures Shoppers’ Moments of Truth

Understanding shoppers’ reaction to a product is much more complex than a simple positive or negative assessment. The subtle and vital interactions customers have with your offerings need to be properly analyzed.

At NielsenIQ Consumer Insights, we measure the shopper decision journey as its broken down into the Moments of Truth.

Each moment is an opportunity for brands to influence purchase decisions and is critical to determine the best path forward.

  • Zero Moment of Truth: Influences prior to purchase
  • First Moment of Truth: Purchasing the product
  • Second Moment of Truth: Using the product
  • Ultimate Moment of Truth: Satisfaction with the experience

Developing a path forward starts with understanding the customer, then creating a hypothesis, designing a solution, conducting research to test the hypothesis and, finally, using the findings to derive growth-driving insights and recommendations.

Consumer Insights offers products that correspond to each moment in the shopping journey. Let’s take a deeper look at each now.

The Zero Moment of Truth

The Zero Moment of Truth is when customers are just beginning their research on a product. At this moment, they are trying to understand their options and what is available to them. As a brand, you want to be there when they are just starting their research in order to help shape their opinion of your product.

This may be the shopper’s first exposure to your brand or product, it’s essential to understand how to influence this moment if you want to win customer loyalty and sales. 

Some common questions customers ask during the Zero Moment of Truth:

  • What do I need?
  • What are my options?
  • Which product is best for me?

The following NielsenIQ Consumer Insights products and techniques can help you determine how your customers are answering these important questions so you can break through the noise to reach them during this critical stage.

Segmentation Science

To understand what customers want, it is important to know who they are.

With Segmentation Science, you can segment your customers based on their behavior, attitudes, and demographics. Our segmentation approach is built on deep consumer understanding, one that concurrently matches the individual with the brand and is both measurable and actionable.

To determine your core segments, we use a simple yet comprehensive framework based on three essential building blocks of decision-critical insights:

  • Individual – Who are they?
  • Mind Space – What matters to them?
  • Behavior – How do they behave?

After determining your core segments,we bring them to life via workshops and qualitative segment deep dives to create persona artifacts that ensure segments are embedded in your brand.

Winning Brands

Today’s customers are choice rich and in control of how they engage with media and brands. But with constrained spending because of inflation, how will they choose in this cluttered and constantly evolving marketplace?

Winning Brands® measures the indicators, both in-person and online, that truly matter to your customers so you can react relevantly, faster.

Winning Brands® also integrates data from surveys, social media listening, search, and continuous market measurement to help you discover your market, distinguish your brand, and engage your target audience.

Usage & Attitude

Understanding how, when, and why customers use your products and services is essential to your business growth.

NielsenIQ Usage & Attitude helps you to uncover the 6Ws (who, what, where, when, why and how) to provide holistic insights into customer usage patterns and attitudes towards your brand and products.

Key Benefits of Usage & Attitude

  • Use data to improve your product offerings
  • Optimize marketing campaigns to resonate better with your target market
  • Increase sales and repeat purchases

The First Moment of Truth

In today’s hypercompetitive retail landscape, capturing customers’ attention at first glance is more critical than ever. The first Moment of Truth focuses on the shopper purchase.  

As the customer is yet to buy, they are still open to persuasion. At this moment, it is vital to make sure that your product is top of mind and that the customer has a positive association with your brand.  

It’s also important that your product is positioned and packaged in a way that appeals to your customers’ needs and desires.

Some common questions customers ask during the First Moment of Truth are:

  • Which product should I buy?
  • What are the differences between products?
  • What are other people saying about this product?

To help you truly understand how shoppers are interacting with your products and how they are making their purchase decisions, the following product are available from NielsenIQ Consumer Insights:


SmartStore is an industry leading virtual shopping solution that enables you to evaluate the sales and shopper impact of potential store planograms and aisle and shelf displays to determine which is more appealing for your shopper.

With Smart Store you can mirror any in-store shopping experience with a virtual store environment. Leverage NielsenIQ’s global proprietary 3As framework that measures attention, appeal and action to drive commercial impact through a remote testing system.

Smart Store combines results with NielsenIQ retail sales data to create retailer-ready recommendations quantifying category and brand volume and value sales impact.

Smart E-Store

Smart E-Store is an online shopping solution, which enables you to evaluate the sales and shopper impact of your future potential scenarios, to determine which is better, and why and how to optimize.

Smart E-Store can tell you what the impact on sales and shoppers is when you make changes to the layout or functionality of a website, product content or placement changes, changes to how you create value for shoppers, or retail media changes.

Our results are then enhanced with post shop survey analysis to understand the why behind the buy, supplemented with eye-tracking outputs, scroll and dotted heat maps and video selfie showreels to bring the insights story to life.

Digital Shopper Analytics

Digital Shopper Analytics is a solution that tracks visited URLs from respondents’ devices so you can extract behavioral insights, such as:

  • Natural behavior
  • Preferences
  • Patterns
  • Purchase habits
  • Competitor comparison

Digital Shopper Analytics tracks online shopper behavior and provides insights into what drives purchase decisions.

For instance, you can see which products are being considered and how long it takes for a purchase to be made. This information can help you optimize your digital marketing campaigns and improve conversion rates.

Smart Shopper

Smart Shopper is our next generation shopper research product that uses augmented reality (AR) as part of an in-the-moment mobile survey.

This product enables Brand Managers, In-Store Marketers, Customer Marketers and Shopper Insights teams to test the impact of their future activations in a real store, quickly, and cost effectively, with no store disruption or physical prototypes and, importantly, without their competitors seeing what’s next.

With Smart Shopper, you can see how shoppers will respond to a seasonal activation, product placement or point-of-sale material. Quickly assess the following:

  • Where to put the product in the store to attract the most attention.
  • Which elements APPEAL most to shoppers.
  • What impact the creative and location would have in terms of action?

The Second Moment of Truth

The Second Moment of Truth is when the customer uses your product for the first time. At this moment, they are forming their first impressions of your product. If they have a positive experience, they are more likely to become a repeat customer.

To create a positive Second Moment of Truth, it is important to ensure that your product meets customer expectations and that they have a positive experience using it.

Some common questions customers ask during the Second Moment of Truth are:

  • Is the product as advertised?
  • Is consumption enjoyable? Does it taste good?
  • Do I like the product? Do I like the brand?
  • Would I buy this again or tell others to try it?

To help you measure this all important moment, NielsenIQ Consumer Insights offers the following product:

Consumption Moments

Consumption trends are rapidly evolving leaving blind spots on product usage that are critical to effective marketing. Traditional methods of historical data collection are outdated, time-consuming, and frequently leave your team searching for answers.

Research should represent the reality of today’s consumption moments – wherever and whenever they occur. Consumption Moments can unlock consumption data and empower you with the insights needed to drive effective marketing tactics.

Our consumption analysis and insights are powered by mobile app data collection and empowers you to understand consumption occasions and the motivations behind those moments to influence strategic product or category planning.

The Ultimate Moment of Truth

The customer’s experience up to this point will have already given them a pretty good idea of what it’s like to interact with your brand and its products, but the strength of that relationship hinges on if and in what circumstances they will repurchase. 

The Ultimate Moment of Truth is when customers decide if they want to stay with your brand or product or switch to another. This moment is influenced by the customer’s overall experience with your brand or product and their loyalty towards it.

To create a positive Ultimate Moment of Truth, it is important to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your product and their experience using it.

Some common questions customers ask during the Ultimate Moment of Truth are:

  • Do I want to continue using this product?
  • Do I want to continue using this brand?
  • What are the alternatives?

Whether your customers appreciate your product or not, you need to know. A positive experience can help uncover where and how to grow your brand, where a negative experience can provide golden opportunities to improve your offering.

Below are NIelsenIQ Consumer Insights products to help you analyze this key moment in the shopper journey.

Customer Experience (CX) Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Customer Experience (CX) Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures the overall strength of your customer relationships. It determines how likely customers are to share and recommend your company to others.  

Respondent data is then used to generate a Net Promoter Score that can range from -100 to 100. NPS is a powerful metric because it’s easy to understand and it provides a simple way to track sentiment. 

With CX NPS, you can gauge customer satisfaction with your product and take steps to improve brand loyalty. 

Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat)

Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) provides real-time feedback on how well you’re meeting customer needs. It’s a survey that’s sent to customers after they interact with your brand. The goal is to get a pulse on how satisfied they are with the experience. 

C-SAT is useful because it provides customers a way to offer immediate feedback, so you can take quick action, and ultimately, improve the customer experience. 

Align with Your Customers Throughout the Shopper Lifecycle

We understand that every business has different needs. Your business might be struggling to stand out amongst the competition or to retain customers after purchase or consumption.

That’s why we offer a variety of solutions that can be customized to fit your specific requirements throughout different stages of the shopper journey.

At NielsenIQ Consumer Insights, our goal is to empower you with the insights and recommendations your business needs to make smarter decisions that drive the way forward.

Contact us today to learn more about Consumer Insights and how we can help you.