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Read on to learn about some of the biggest grocery industry trends in 2024 and what they may mean to you and your brand.

Spotting the Next CPG Unicorn

Who is the next unicorn brand emerging in the space, and how do you spot the potential early? Read on to learn.

Consumer Outlook 2024

NIQ’s Consumer Outlook 2024 summarizes this year’s top consumer trends and strategic insights to help your organization succeed.

CPG Buzz

Dive into our collection of thought-provoking insights, where we unravel the intricacies of the CPG landscape. From trend analyses to expert perspectives, our insights offer a valuable reservoir of knowledge to keep you informed and inspired. Stay ahead of the curve with NIQ insights – your go-to resource for a deeper understanding of the evolving world of CPG!

NIQ Webinars

Elevate your CPG expertise with our insightful webinars! Uncover industry trends, get answers to your burning questions, and stay ahead in the dynamic CPG world. Join us for a knowledge-packed experience – your gateway to success!

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Actioning for the Future of Your Category

April 11, 2024 – 1pm EST

Join us as we discuss: “What is the future of your category, and are you prepared for it?” 

Woman drinking from a water bottle outside

March 5, 2024

Jordan Moore, NIQ’s beverage expert, discussed the biggest trends shaping the Functional Beverage market. 

March 6, 2024

NIQ’s Wellness experts did a deep dive into the Vitamins and Wellness market and what trends to be on the lookout for.

Energy Beverage Growth

Learn more about factors fueling energy beverage growth.

Patches Innovation

Learn more about how patches are an emerging delivery format.

Seafood & Spectra™ Lifestyle Profiles

Learn more about salmon and seafood shoppers.

Online Shopping Dynamics in the Grocery Department

Learn more about how online shopping is affecting the market.

Category SnapViews

Discover the heartbeat of your category with NIQ’s exclusive Category SnapViews – a window into the latest trends across essential categories. Elevate your understanding, make informed decisions, and embrace the future of the CPG industry with NIQ.

Insightful Conversations with CPG Founders

NIQ’s Founders Series dives into the many aspects of launching a CPG brand. From perfecting the product to securing your first meeting with retailers, from getting on a shelf to gaining market share, each episode highlights the challenges and successes of different start-up CPG brands. Check out the insights to hear their stories and see their NIQ Pitch Slam Live Pitch at C360!

NIQ receives hundreds of questions from emerging and growth brands looking for insights and data. These may be related to the state of the markets, their particular category, or overarching trends on everyone’s minds. 

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The more the market changes, the more you Need to Know. NIQ is here to talk solutions and help you stay ahead. Tell us your biggest “Need to Know” right now, and we’ll deliver the insights, guidance, and the Full View that keeps you in the know.

Byzzer™ Updates

Better For Segment

Better For Segment™ goes beyond the “Natural Channel”, which as defined by competitors, misses 90% of the actual Better For™ market, where Premier Fresh shoppers spend 8x more share of wallet. 

NIQ codes products across all channels and provides the full view of your category, highlighting the roadmap for successful expansion and narrowing your competitive set of category disruptors and differentiated products.​

Better For Segment™ solves limitations that come from the “Natural Channel” by defining and narrowing a competitive set of category disruptors and differentiated products.​ 

Pricing and Promo Event Simulators

As a CPG manufacturer, staying ahead of the competition and optimizing your pricing and promotional strategies is key to success. We are thrilled to offer an innovative solution that will revolutionize the way CPG brands approach price increases and promotional events – Byzzer’s™ Regular Price Simulator and the Promo Event Simulator.

Regular Price Simulator

Are you contemplating a price change for your product? Byzzer’s™ new Pricing Simulator is your ultimate ally in making data-driven decisions. With this innovative tool at your fingertips, you can now access insights that would otherwise be assumed.

Promo Event Simulator

Our Promo Event Simulator offers a powerful solution for arming you with the necessary evidence to persuade CPG buyers to embrace promotional activity with your brand. With the Promo Event Simulator, you can fine-tune your promotional strategies down to the specific price points and levels of support, enabling you to optimize your promotional campaigns for maximum impact.

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