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Quarterly Business Snapshot

These reports offer an overview of the beauty and personal care category performance for the latest quarter. They provide a perspective on category drivers and offers valuable insights into the latest trends.  

Holiday review

These reports analyze the beauty and personal care category performance over the holiday period to determine the key drivers of the holiday season. 

2021 holiday review

State of Beauty

These reports provide an in-depth analysis on the current beauty and personal care trends and offers a perspective on the future state of the category. 

2022 state of the beauty industry

2023 state of the beauty industry

Beauty & health innovations

2021 beauty & health innovations

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The evolution of clean and sustainable beauty

Clean and sustainable continues to be a strong trend in the beauty industry, but the meaning behind the movement continues to develop.

These trends are building upon each other, not replacing one for the other…

CBD in health & beauty

CBD has grown in popularity in health and beauty products as consumer acceptance and availability have improved.

It is important to understand the trends and why consumers choose to use these products…

Clean beauty: The new standard

In order to better understand a Clean beauty is one of the biggest ongoing trends in the beauty category.

From consumer, to manufacturer and retailer all are setting new standards to make consumer purchase decisions easier… 

Natural Deodorant Overview

Natural deodorant has been a growing segment for the category as clean products become more important to consumers. Natural deodorants are aluminum and paraben- free and typically have other benefits like free from artificial colors and fragrances. The natural deodorant trend has been dominated by larger players, but it has also provided established brands an opportunity to enter a higher price tier segment…

Future of Sustainable Beauty & Personal care

Sustainability continues to be an important and growing trend with consumers.

When it comes to sustainability, considering both sides of the dichotomy of “Better for Me” and “Better for We” is important. Consumers value both products that are clean and free from toxins as well as those that make the planet a better place.​ Sustainability is a growing trend with varied dynamics and understanding consumer needs is key…

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Other all access reports


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