Female customer searching medicine on shelf from rack at pharmacy. Young woman is holding smart phone.

Bayer Increased Supermarket Sales 40% with Smart Store

Determine positioning and activate shoppers in supermarkets

Providing safe, convenient health solutions to billions of people is no small feat, but with over 170 consumer health brands in their global portfolio, there’s no question that Bayer is committed to its mission of improving lives through science.
With their consumer health product, Bepanthol, ready for launch in supermarkets, Bayer needed to understand how to best position the product, as well as how to properly activate shoppers in supermarkets. 

To plan their go-to-market strategy, Bayer chose to partner with NielsenIQ and leverage the Smart Store product to get the insights they needed.

Smart Store’s approach involved testing future shelf layouts in a simulated 3D supermarket with over 100 personal care products. Bepanthol was placed in different locations as well as scenarios with and without shelf strips.

Ultimately, this revolutionary testing scenario revealed a potential sales uplift of up to 40% when the winning scenario was implemented in store.

Download the full case study to learn more about how Smart Store was able to provide these insights and how Bayer was able to implement them to achieve maximum results!