BASES Line and Price Optimizer

Predictive insight to create a clear path to growth

What is it?

BASES Line and Price Optimizer is a market simulation tool that allows companies to evaluate product assortment changes, alternative pricing scenarios, pack size changes, new price-pack architecture, and new promotions.

How it works?

Online, consumers choose between your new offerings, current offerings, and competitors’ offerings.  Predictive choice based analytics produce a powerful market simulator to explore a wide range of future market scenarios for your brands.  

When to use it?
When to use it?
Expanding a line

Use data to determine which combination of innovations and close-in line extensions drive the most growth for your business.

Multiple innovations

Evaluate new products from all of your brands to determine which new products best work together to drive the most growth for your entire business

New product pricing and pack sizing

Optimize the price and pack size of new products before you go to market so you can maximize revenues and profits.

Revenue growth 

Explore price-pack architecture, pricing, and promotions, outside of what’s been
witnessed in-market. 

What sets our predictive models apart​
What sets our predictive models apart​
Translate consumer data into market reality

We combine an intuitive shopping experience, predictive analytics, and gold-standard data.

Complex research made easy

Our unique data access and BASES Studio platform allows us to simplify input collection and focus on results and decisions that matter.

Industry-leading practice area

With over 3,000 studies in the past 3 years, our dedicated team of 120+ Line and Price Specialists and 20+ data scientists and PHDs give you the confidence you need.

Patent-pending model refresh

Update a BASES Line and Price Optimizer model with new items as plans change (new flavor, new pack size/form, new subline, competitive launch).

Intuitive consumer experience

  • Easy to shop
  • Adapts to user’s device

Highly ​predictive

  • 0.81 correlation to in-market sales even prior to retail sales data calibration

Grounded in retail data

  • Consumer choice data + NielsenIQ point of sale data constructs a true market reality

Gold standard BASES forecasting

  • Seamless linkage with BASES industry-leading volume forecasts
Person innovating their products

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