Test your innovations before the end of the year!

As the end of the year comes to a close and you look for ways to spend your remaining research budget, NielsenIQ BASES has quick turn solutions to help you understand the consumer and reveal new pathways to growth.

If there are any special considerations for invoicing at year-end, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. We are very thankful for your partnership and look forward to closing out a great 2022.

Lock down your project inputs by Dec. 12 and get top-line results as early as Dec. 19*.

*Final timing may vary depending on product solution, study inputs, design, target groups, etc.

I have questions for my category buyers​

Quickly answer your most pressing questions with consumers, whether project related or much broader, e.g. impact of inflation on their buying habits

I have new

Test viability of up to 100 new ideas (or claims, names, benefits, etc.) Understand consumer interest, perceived, benefits, and differentiation.

I have a question about my pack​

Understand what’s working for your current packaging or test a new pack design and see how you can attract more buyers at shelf.

I have questions about NPD pricing

Find the sweet spot of price acceptance and profit margins.

I need to test an NPD or Line Extension

Predictive analytics will tell you what the future potential of your launch is and how you should activate in order to achieve that potential

I want to see if my ad will work hard for my brand

See if an ad is ready to air. Diagnose opportunities to surgically optimize and deliver better ROI on your communications.

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