BASES means superior data quality

So you can make decisions
with confidence

Decisions can only be as good as the source data they are based on. With the increasing sophistication and prevalence of “fake” respondents, decision-makers are at more risk than ever of making decisions from bad data.

The people behind this dishonest activity are constantly evolving but, as we’ve always done, so are we! 

45+ years of experience

300,000+ concepts tested

500,000+ forecasts delivered

+/- 9% accuracy

How do we do it?

Good decisions can only be made with good data – good data requires real effort and survey responses are not created equal.

BASES reinvests 10%+ of our revenue into R&D every year. We also have 30+ associates dedicated to data science, modeling and data quality assurance.

We use a multi-layered, multi-faceted approach throughout all stages of respondent engagement
to ensure quality, with frequent review and adjustments as the market changes.


Restrictive access protocols across all platforms

Fraudulent activity detectors to prohibit entry

Centralized database helps track trends 


Robust controls across internal panels

Strategic partnerships with global and regional providers

Study-level sample balancing


Login verification, URL encryption, digital fingerprinting, and fraud scoring

Third-party technology
to detect bots

Survey-specific business rules


Data Science Team specifically focused on data quality and monitoring

Market and data source level calibrations

Test-retest reliability second-to-none

Making better decisions with better data means better returns

Person innovating their products

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