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BASES Games is here to help you throughout your innovation pipeline. Our expertise includes console, PC, mobile, hardware, software, peripherals, IGC/DLC, services, licensing, monetization, and more. ​

Why BASES Games?

Gaming experts
Action driven
Global reach + local expertise
15+ years of work with gaming companies
A continuous assessment platform to uncover consumer driven insights across the full
innovation lifecycle



Market, category and audience exploration

  • Early ideation
  • Whitespace identification
  • Audience segmentation



Positioning evaluation and potential

  • Message development
  • Design optimization
  • Market sizing & potential​



Brand, IP and portfolio management​

  • IP & audience activation
  • Asset optimization
  • Portfolio engagement
  • Post-launch

BASES Games Solutions Suite

Quick Suite 

Fast, reliable quant-based pulse checks, screening of ideas, claim, features and message improvement​

Concept Optimizer​

Idea co-creation with consumers, powered by machine learning algorithms​

IP & Audience Activator​

Predictive assessment framework to easily and quickly measure brand and IP performance​

Discrete Choice​

Predictive market simulation tools to evaluate brand impact of future market scenarios and to optimize variety/ feature combinations​

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