Drive Product Discoverability & Shopper Engagement on Instacart with NIQ Brandbank

We help you seamlessly deliver the best in class product content directly to Instacart

Display up-to date content of your products on Instacart without stress

With an estimated 9.6 million active users and 500,000 shoppers, Instacart is delivering the future of grocery. NIQ Brandbank content helps power every facet of the Instacart experience, from improved search and filtering, through to product page content including all key product imagery and attribution.

What the partnership means for the industry

  • Deliver Complete Content: NIQ Brandbank provides Instacart with a comprehensive suite of product imagery, pack information and product health & wellness attributes to ensure the best possible representation of your product on the Instacart application
  • Save Time & Effort: NIQ Brandbank delivers content configured to meet Instacart needs on your behalf, ensuring a quick and pain – free upload process
  • Create Beautiful Listings: NIQ Brandbank content quality standards ensure a consistent and quality representation of your product assortment across all Instacart pages

Our Mission

Enabling our clients to deliver the best shopping experience by making consumer goods more discoverable and engaging.

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