Financial markets by quarter


Financial markets by quarter

Updated December 14, 2022

A microeconomic snapshot on consumer confidence and financial outlook.

Q4 2022

NielsenIQ ‘Financial Markets by Quarter’ provides insights on consumer sentiment and financial outlook in 12 key markets across Asia Pacific and the Middle East enabling business decision makers to have a good understanding into evolving financial needs of their customers

Q3 2022

Financial scams have been in the forefront of concern for many markets during the pandemic when most of the population shifted to a more heavily virtual lifestyle. With that, we explore consumer attitudes towards scams, the level of protection they perceive they get from financial services players and the impact scams have on their bank choice.

For our feature article, in collaboration with NielsenIQ Indonesia, OCBC NISP launched the second-edition of their annual OCBC NISP Financial Fitness Index (FFI), which spotlights on the overall behavior and attitude of the Indonesian youth towards financial management. We provide a snippet of the results in this edition here.

Q2 2022

At NielsenIQ, we have identified 18 “big bets” that industry and government leaders are investing in and are likely to have the largest impact on the global market, including Financial Services. In this edition, we explore three of these key transformative ideas that are set out to change the way people buy, save, insure, and invest.

In our market snapshot, we look at how 12 key markets differ in their current landscape for newer financial products like Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), cryptocurrency and NFTs, as well as the evolving preferences for credit card rewards as consumers increase their spending.

Q1 2022

In this special edition, we cover hot topics in the financial sector – cryptocurrency, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and consumers’ financial readiness to weather through major crises.

Taking a closer look at cryptocurrency, our local market leadrs also weigh in on the action in the category. With rapid regulatory developments and polarizing consumer views, we share our perspectives through an in-market lenses.

Q4 2021

We reflect on a year with COVID-19 by looking at the changes in spending behavior from the same time the year before.

We also take a quick look at the state of digital transformation for purchasing financial products in global markets. Further into this topic, we focus our lenses on Vietnam, its journey towards a more cashless society and the learnings that global leaders can tap into to drive innovation.

Q3 2021

We cover market insights from our global syndication, the Finance State of Play, in this edition. This provides a snapshot of top short term financial goals, life insurance brand selection drivers, and the readiness towards adopting new technology in 11 markets.

Our feature article, Driving Customer Centric Innovation, highlights the importance of, and recommendations for, keeping the customers at the heart of any innovation strategy.

Q2 2021

In addition to an update on the state of consumer confidence, income trends, and expenditure patterns across markets, this edition includes our perspective on the “Consumers of Tomorrow” – the increasingly important younger consumer segment that many financial services providers have not yet started to fully tap into.

We also review loyalty – or disloyalty – in the finance sector and how industry leaders can reconsider the measurement and implications of customer loyalty in the banking.

Q1 2021

Understand the state of consumer confidence, trends on disposable and discretionary incomes, and savings and expenditure patterns in 10+ markets globally during the pandemic.

This edition also covers a special feature on the current state of the play in financial services, including key trends that banking, insurance, and payment providers should account for in their market planning.