NielsenIQ CMA 2023

Booth 301, Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas

February 27th – March 1st, 2023

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NIQ Speaking Session

The Unsettled Shopper: How Unemployment, Inflation and Food are Challenging Shopper’s Values and Purchase Behavior

Tuesday Feb 28th | 11:15 -11:45 a.m.

Steve Zurek

Analytics Thought Leader and Director of Sales Development

Emerging Technology Session

The last 3 years have left consumers unsettled. Rising inflation, interest rates and navigating a pandemic would be difficult to manage as single events let alone all at the same time. With a looming recession and historically low unemployment, it’s no wonder why consumers’ confidence is shaken.

NielsenIQ’s Connected Partner MotivBase uses an AI anthropology engine to analyze millions of online conversations to uncover the unspoken motivations of shoppers. Through this analysis, we’ve identified 5 microcultures that all manufacturers and retailers need to understand to meet shoppers where they are in the market.

Assortments are up for grabs and spending will be shifting, although maybe not like you would expect. Learn what impact economic conditions are having and what values shoppers expect from brands so you can pivot quickly to win.

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Brandon Galindo

VP Analytics
Precision Areas

Bianca Piluso

VP Analytics
Revenue Optimizer

Erica Harrison

VP Analytics
Shelf Architect

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