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September 28 – October 1

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Do you know the new wellness shopper? 

We know the wellness shopper – the channels they shop and down to the​ store level, multigenerational, multicultural, income and its impact.​  

Wellness isn’t a specific channel or isolated to a specific demographic or category. 

Did you know?

  • Boomers make up 53% of all US household wealth and are the fastest growing e-commerce shoppers 
  • Conventional retail and e-commerce represent more than 50% of total natural sales 
  • +10% sales growth in U.S. since 2019 among ‘food as medicine’ products 

Full coverage, simple solutions, low cost.​ 

See the brands you’re up against at Whole Foods Market, Amazon and 1000+ other markets at a price that makes sense for your CPG brand. 

One easy-to-use platform​ 

Actionable data, specifically extracted to meet the needs, bandwidth, and budget your business. 

The new wellness shopper download 

To lead a category, you need to understand it. Pinpoint what consumers search for, the channels they shop, and their values and behavior. 

See NielsenIQ Data in Action

Whether you are scoping out the next sustainability trend or are looking into which product category data resonates with shoppers (like gluten-free), NielsenIQ data can give you a leg up.  

Let us show you how you can scale and stay ahead of the competition.

Not ready to make a commitment?

Small and medium-size businesses, try out Byzzer for free!  

Sign up for an account to get 3 free reports including: 

  • Category performance and brand trends 
  • Top 10 lists 
  • Competitor comparison 
  • Weekly email alerts on category and brand pricing, market share, or market performance 

Looking for more on our thought leadership? 

Check back here during and after the show to download excerpts of:

  • Reimagined Wellness Shopper on Thursday, September 29 11:30-12:30 ET, Level 100 Room 121A 
  • Challenging the CPG Paradigm: New consumer insights to redefine your business model on Friday, September 30 at 1-2 ET, Level 100 Room 120A  
  • Inside Organic: Messaging to Today’s Organic Consumer on Friday, September 30 at 1-2:30 pm ET, Level 100 Room 120C  
  • New Consumer Outlooks on ESG on Friday, September 30 at 3-4:30 pm ET, Level 100 Room 120A

The download on plant-based

New consumer outlooks on ESG

Reimagined wellness shopper

Challenging the CPG paradigm: new consumer insights to redefine your business model

Inside organic: messaging to today’s organic consumer

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